WHEELCHAIR on 28 February, 2017.

WHEELCHAIR on 28 February, 2017.


小西寛子 Hiroko Konishi Konishi,Hiroko konishihiroko hirokokonishi 小西寛子photo KONISH HirokoKonishi Photo shot WHEELCHAIR NEWSONG Druidas Druid ドルイド

Japanese Singer/songwriter Hiroko Konishi released WHEELCHAIR on 28 February, 2017.


Story of WHEELCHAIR lyrics

This is a melancholy music with a story of a girl with a disability who goes to a beachside cake shop to celebrate her own birthday alone. ”I once went near to the beach On my wheelchair to celebrate my birthday Just on my own” However, Earthquake hits her…Then angry sea…



Music by Hiroko Konishi

I’m just an ordinary girl living an ordinary life

I’m reaching an age I can yearn for love

So I think of you though I’ve never met you

And I imagine me walking with you

Hand in hand on the beach

But I can’t get out of my house

So I just watch the hill by the beach

Always sitting here by the window

*She’s a knower of things we can’t see…

Oh~ She may be here

Love is always just my imagination ‘Cause I can’t walk on my feet

But I once went near to the beach ra ra ra…..

On my wheelchair to celebrate my birthday Just on my own

But today the earth and ocean were so rough and harsh

That I could not stand still just a moment at all I was hurled

by the shaking ground. Onto the floor and here I’m just lying


–Many years have gone by. Since the ocean turned to emerald from gray

My necklace, present from Mom. Has just turned to sands of stars

My white pierced earrings I gave them to the mermaid I met

I can see lovers. Picking up a piece of coral

Since that day I celebrated my birthday.

My white house still stands on the hill over there

But I can’t return to the house. For ever and ever


(C)2017 Hiroko Konish, Office Squirrel LLC, Wolfgang, LITTLE CURE

Hiroko Konishi, the popular (Japanese) voice actress and Singer/songwriter, has long been composing music and singing under an adverse situation. Many people have harassed her, degraded her image with rumors and slanders, and deprived her of a chance to release her songs and works, but she hanged in and kept on composing music and singing alone. Hiroko’s music project member want to deliver her strength and kindness to those who need them in order to survive the next generation.




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