Regardless of the reason, Japanese Public TV Producer who say horrible things to actress are the worst!

Posted, 2018-03-05 Via WN Article 

Hiroko Konishi She won the role of the protagonist in the popular May 1998 Japanese Public Broadcasting NHK child education TV program Ojarumaru with her unique original her voice, which fit the image of the main character. Following this, she discovered the Production company of a subsidiary producer to be involved in certain illicit activities and brought it to the attention to the studio, who attempted to conceal the issue and attacked her with threats to end her career. This then essentially cost her work opportunities. Hiroko decided to fly to Ireland where she continued to deal with this loss. Today she is still recognized for her incredible acting talent and has garnered respect and support of key buisiness figures as well as many British and American and Japanese colleagues.

Author: 小西 寛子

小西寛子 声優・シンガーソングライター・社会評論。昭和50年、埼玉県生まれ。中央大学法学部卒。NHKおじゃる丸、逮捕しちゃうぞ、ドクタースランプ、浦安鉄筋家族、すごいよ!!マサルさん、デジタルモンスター他多数のアニメ、ゲームなどに主演や主要キャラクターとして多数出演、最近は執筆活動の他、法律知識を生かしたコメンテイターとしてTV番組にも出演。道徳、教育、幼少期からのエクゼクティブスキルを提唱。


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