My Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar Neck Reset


Why Does My Acoustic Need a Neck Reset?  Please refer to this site for a reason of repairing. →


Acoustic Guitar Neck Reset (Twitter Article)

Loosening the guitar fingerboard extension.
Before removal of the guitar neck begins the portion of the fingerboard which wood glues (Titebond) to the top must be loosened. Heating iron on the guitar fingerboard extension.
Iron heat is applied to soften wood glue beneath from the 14fret short area of fingerboard that overhangs the top.

PHOTO D-28 Drill
PHOTO D-28 Drill

Steaming the guitar neck pocket.
First, 15 fret removed. Drill a hole straight thru the fret slot which will lead directly into the pocket.
Next, Injection steam into the neck block to soften the wood glue.


Removing the guitar neck.
As the wood glue is softened the guitar neck begins to move with effort. Pushing the guitar neck free from the body. Removing neck from body easily.


Setting the neck angle.
Neck and joint have dried and old wood glue is removed.
The neck angle is changed by shaving material from the heel.
Shimming the neck block.


Gluing neck.
Gluing neck onto body.




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