The release schedule

The release schedule


They released ‘CUZ I BELIEVE YOU on 9/11, 2017. It is an electronic dance music with English lyrics. The music of the unit, LITTLE CURE by Hiroko Konishi, such as Bit of love (pop’n music) and Fullmoon (pop’n stage) were used in the beatmania series game music, pop’music TM by KONAMI HOLDINGS CORPORATION. You might have often listened to or be familiar with the music of the unit, LITTLE CURE.

They released Two Forty Six on 10/26, 2017. The singer sings the song with Japanese lyrics with a folk guitar. This is a melancholy music with a story of a girl with a disability who goes to a beachside cake shop to celebrate her own birthday alone.

Hiroko Konishi, the musician, has long been composing music and singing under an adverse situation. Many people have harassed her, degraded her image with rumors and slanders, and deprived her of a chance to release her songs and works, but she hanged in and kept on composing music and singing alone. We want to deliver her strength and kindness to those who need them in order to survive the next generation.

There’s a possibility that the release date will change.

Wolfgang LABEL by Squirrel LLC.


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