I wrote about bullying in the industry today.

I wrote about bullying in the industry today.

(It seems that no one knows the truth)

Around the year of 2000, Anime TV Producer, without permission from Hiroko Konishi (Hiroko) who is an actress of “JapaneseTV NHK Program” Ojaru maru the original voice, produced and sold a number of Ojaru maru character goods by utilizing Hiroko’sVoice of Original mattari” voice tape detached from recording tape on which Hiroko had raw voice them and unauthorized copies of other voice over tape. (She doesn’t know them)

Taking an advice from an insider of “Anime TV Crew“, Hiroko, through her Agent, notified the responsible persons for the said character goods of the fact of the unauthorized use (i.e. infringement).

Thereafter, Anime TV Producer as well as others who tried to cover up the fact of the discovery of the rights infringement threatened Hiroko by saying “ We will make you get out of this business.” and other things.

Thinking that causing an author in a vulnerable position to be unable to receive any job offers leads to the failure of the exposure of their misconducts, Anime TV Producer as well as others created lies that didn’t exist and, by spreading notorious reputations about Hiroko to the entire industry, damaged Hiroko’s credibility and stole her jobs.

Subsequently, Rin Inumaru, a Original Author, also distressed by the same abuses and defamations, committed a suicide. These facts became clear through several trials.

–The existence of Internet slander Group in japan–

(Reporter Article)

As written in various japanese newspaper articles, the Public Prosecutors Office built a criminal case on 25 June 2016, against one of the professional writers (review and anime comment) who have been writing slanders and calumnies, disturbing and untruthful articles from around 2000 about her work as voice actress; the prosecuted writer was sentenced by the court for criminal penalties. This is the related news article. Long term cases damaged her and made her lose her job and she is hereafter going to receive compensation for obstruction of business.

(But, New slander article has 17 July 2016 appeared)

There are affiliate blogs which draw readers to defamation articles by using “ #小西寛子 or #HirokoKonshi” on Twitter tug. All such articles are lie, and the police are under investigation to find the perpetrator on a charge of business interference.

The web articles consist of slanders and groundless gossips that would lead to defame and discredit Hiroko Konishi’s social standing. The website makes benefit by letting viewers read the articles in violation of publicity rights. It exploits the artist’s name in a completely irrational manner for things irrelevant to her work. It allures viewers to the site with the artist’s fame to earn advertisement revenues and uses ANIME TITLE and Gossip in its articles to boost its business. As its articles include defaming expressions, it may be chargeable for the act of defamation. Those who were accused of similar charges have been actually arrested and convicted under criminal law.


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