A sad song. Tsunami, suicide, and bullying. Where did the girl go?

A sad song. Tsunami, suicide, and bullying. Where did the girl go?

This Song very easy “Japanese” and guitar chords.

WA-TA-SHI (I’m), ON-NA-NO-KO(Girl) ,KO-I(Love), O-MO-I-MA-SU(I think so), A-NA-TA(You), YU-ME(Dreams) etc….

SHE MAY BE HERE (Japanese ver)

(English new song Feb,2017 )

The singer sings the song with Japanese lyrics with a folk guitar.
This is a melancholy music with a story of a girl with a disability who goes to a beachside cake shop to celebrate her own birthday alone.  Then immediately after that, “Tsunami” swallowed on wheelchair and her together.
Hiroko Konishi, the musician, has long been composing music and singing under an adverse situation.
Many people have harassed her, degraded her image with rumors and slanders, and deprived her of a chance to release her songs and works, but she hanged in and kept on composing music and singing alone. We want to deliver her strength and kindness to those who need them in order to survive the next generation. (English new song Feb,2017)
Music : Hiroko Konishi (Hiroko)  Title : She may be here Gene:traditional folk
Product No : DSQI-12016 (Digiral Music)
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LABEL : Wolfgang by Squirrel


Hiroko Konishi

小西寛子 Hiroko Konishi Konishi,Hiroko konishihiroko hirokokonishi 小西寛子photo SHOT HirokoKonishi Photo shotLocation: Japan or World Wide
Artist Biography:”Hiroko Konishi” Born October 26th, 1975 in Saitama Prefecture,Japan.
Hiroko” made a popularity as a Actress(Voice) and Musician(Singer-SongWriter) from around 1994~.

Her voice was high-pitched and tongue-tied speaking way, and so she was good at playing adorable young females or little children. She is known as the Japanese voice actress of T.K. Takaishi from 1999 TV Animation Series “Digimon Adventure.” Some of her major roles include Jiyuu Nanohana in Jubei-chan, Sae Sawanoguchi in Magic User’s Club, Nene Romanova in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Akane Kimidori in Dr. Slump, the title character NHK-TV Ojarumaru and her original “Mattari“voice, and the original Takeru Takaishi in Digimon Adventure. In video games she voiced Shiori Misaka in the original Kanon visual novel, Lilith Aensland in Darkstalkers, Bridget in Guilty Gear X2, and Sophia Roberinge in Mitsumete Knight. and…More


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