Listen to music online streaming and Internet radio (JAN.24)

Listen to music online streaming and Internet radio (JAN.24)

Hiroko Konishi [ANATA NI ARIGATO] JAN.24 Start Streaming!

小西寛子ANATANI ARIGATOのストリーミングが、平成30年1月24日からスタートします。



The word “Arigato” is the Japanese word to express gratitude in the same way as “Thank you” and “appreciate” in English. What do you say “Arigato” to? A dream that has come true? Or “you,” the person who always loves me? You can attach “arigato” to all sorts of things. Japan is going to host the Olympics. When seen from the outside world, Japan is a small country in Asia, but it tops the world when it comes to kindness. Please try using the word “Arigato” a lot. It is a kind word, a word of appreciation. And here, HIroko Konishi

New song “ANATA NI ARIGATO” is a musical piece made up of lots of other useful, simple, Japanese words.



小西寛子 Hiroko Konishi Konishi,Hiroko konishihiroko hirokokonishi 小西寛子photo SHOT HirokoKonishi Photo shot



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