We can speak freely and openly.

We can speak freely and openly.
Our musician and actor Hiroko Konishi provide the Contacts for Journalists.
Always respond promptly to press inquiries, because journalists must meet publishing.
PLS send an e-mail to us.  Recent interview (Rightside news “Why did you decide to use .LIVE instead of something more traditional like .COM?”  from USA. June 20, 2016). (Otapol and YAHOO News from Japan. June 22, 2016) Public Newspaper Article (The Sankei Shimbun, News from Japan. June 29, 2016) ,The Yomiuri shimbun 6/25, and more…




最近のインタビュー記事 (Rightside news “ライブ、ミュージシャン” from アメリカ June 20, 2016)

(おたぽる 他 ヤフーニュース from 日本. June 22, 2016) ,新聞報道記事(産経ニュース, News from 日本. June 29, 2016) and 読売新聞6/25, more…


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